Walker Davey Searells welcomes new director

Darren Hayward
Darren Hayward

We are pleased to announce associate Darren Hayward has been appointed as a Walker Davey Searells’ director.

Darren first started with the company as a graduate 20 years ago and in that time has worked on a range of portfolios and specialities. In July this year he became an associate.

With experience across many industries, Darren specialises in all accountancy matters relating to property developers and small to medium-sized businesses. “I’m looking forward to continuing the Walker Davey Searells’ legacy and working with such a talented team,” Darren says.

“Becoming a director of Walker Davey Searells is an exciting challenge and I will enjoy playing a more active role in growing our business,” Darren says. “I will have more responsibility and involvement, and will be dealing with clients face-to-face, many of whom I’ve been working alongside for the past 15 years.”

To discuss how Darren could assist with your accounting requirements or advice relating to your business, give him a call today on 03 379 1620 or email darren@wdsl.co.nz