Globally Recognised Accountants

We have plenty of clients who operate international businesses and need an advisor who understands the challenges this way of working creates. Walker Davey Searells has an experienced team and access to resources to help businesses targeting foreign investment opportunities to meet their objectives.

Geneva Group International (GGI)

Our global perspective is built on our association with independent firms with offices in six continents through a membership in Geneva Group International (GGI), a worldwide organisation of independent professional firms that, collectively, have more than 450 members with 650 offices in more than 115 countries.

Due to GGI’s expansive presence, we have established and strengthened extensive personal contacts with the other member firms, the partners of which we may now call on in virtually every business market worldwide to handle multinational tax and business assignments. Our clients gain worldwide reach and experience, while maintaining local relationships and expertise.

To learn more about GGI, visit their website or call us on (+64) 3-379-1620

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