Statutory holiday payments

Wds Holidays

It’s that time of year again when employers need to calculate staff entitlements for annual leave and paid statutory holidays.

This year, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on a Friday and should be paid as statutory holidays. Boxing Day and 2 January fall on a Saturday, which will roll over to Monday. Should your employee normally work on Monday, they will be paid the two statutory holidays over that period.

Should the employee normally work over the weekend (i.e. from say Thursday to Monday), then the statutory holidays would be the Friday and Saturday, meaning the Monday would be treated as a normal day of work. Once again, only being paid statutory holidays for a maximum of four days over that two week period.

The employer only has to pay the employee for statutory holidays if the days concerned would normally be a working day. The employee must be paid their normal wage for that day.

Where an employee is expected to work on any of the statutory holidays and those days would normally have been a working day for them, the employer must pay the employee time and a half for the actual hours worked and a day off in lieu. If the employee works but it would not normally be a working day for them, then the employer must pay the employee at time and a half but no day off in lieu.

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