WDS welcomes new associates

Wds080 Associates
Darren Hayward , Sam Carson and Rachael Reedy.

Congratulations to our new associates, Darren Hayward, Rachael Reedy and Sam Carson.

All three accountants will be familiar faces to you, our clients, and to our team.

Darren first started with us back in 2001, Rachael joined in 2002, and Sam has spent a total of 11 years with us, so they are all well and truly part of the Walker Davey Searells’ family.

The new appointments will future-proof the company, and ensure valuable experience and knowledge stay within the team. They also recognise the valuable roles Rachael, Darren and Sam play in the company, Director John Hendry says.

Darren started as an accounting graduate in 2001 and is considered one of the firm’s most experienced team members. His specialities are in the bloodstock/racing industry and property development. He regularly carries out project-related work in these areas. He also manages WDS Director Simon Abbot’s team of accountants and assists with their training and development. “I’m really looking forward to this new opportunity and the new direction this means for my future and for the company,” Darren says. “I have built strong working relationships with many of my colleagues and clients, and really enjoy the client-focussed culture of the firm.”

Originally from Marlborough, Rachael started at Walker Davey Searells in March 2002 as a chartered accountant. Specialising in property development and bloodstock, she is also involved in a large charitable trust and its associated interests. Rachael works closely with the directors to oversee projects for a number of key clients and enjoys the face-to-face contact she has with many of them. “This is an excellent opportunity to be a part of seeing Walker Davey Searells through to the next stage of its life,” Rachael says. “It’s exciting to take the next step up to help our clients continue to achieve their goals.”

Sam first joined the team as an accounting graduate in 2003, and after working for the firm for eight years, left to pursue a career in the ski industry as a financial controller. In 2017, he returned, and now specialises in helping small to medium-sized businesses implement controls and systems to increase productivity and efficiency. “I’m very excited for the future and what it holds for me, the firm and our clients,” Sam says. “As part of the Walker Davey Searells’ family, I want to see success and happiness for the firm and for our clients.”

Associate Director Mike Ansett says the recent appointments represent increased opportunities for the three new associates. “Because they’ve been working for the company, we know they are a good fit,” he says. “It’s also nice for clients to see that, not only are the associates doing a good job for them, but they are also recognised by us for the contribution they bring to the firm. It’s part of being a great firm that attracts, develops, excites and retains exceptional people.”